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November 9, 2021 - Travel Update from President

November 9, 2021 - Travel Update from President

Dear Traveller,

It is gratifying to be able to say that I am growing more and more optimistic with each letter I get to share with you. As you may have already learned, the Canadian government and the international travel authorities have issued new reports, lifting some of the travel restrictions and sanctions – allowing us to provide more opportunities for you to travel to your favourite destinations with Senior Discovery Tours.  I’m excited to share a link to all the great updates in our new brochure 
2022 Vol 2 -Spring/Summer Tours and Summer/Fall Cruises featuring our many tours and cruises in Canada, the USA and Europe.

For those who want a winter getaway, please refer to our 2021 Vol 1 - Fall & Holiday Season and Winter 2022 brochure posted this past June. It showcases our holidays to the Southern USA, Caribbean, Mexico, Central & South America and Southern Europe.  The number of bookings we received after sending out that brochure clearly indicates that the increased demand for travel is greater than expected. We still have some availability for most of our winter destinations.

As for the highlights of the latest travel news, these updates should get you excited:

  • The Canadian government has removed its general advisory against non-essential travel for Canadians who have been fully vaccinated for Covid-19.
  • As you do begin to tour again, it’s important to stay informed of the Covid-19 situation at your destination. When the time comes for your trip, it may still be recommended (or required) to use personal protective measures like wearing a mask and maintaining physical distancing where possible.
  • Senior Discovery Tours offers the travel industry’s most flexible refund policies. Specifically, you may book your tour now knowing that if you are not comfortable with any travel restrictions or requirements, or the situation at your destination, you may cancel up to 60 days prior to the trip and receive a full refund of your deposit. This special policy will be in effect until September 30, 2022.
  • Air Canada has launched portable self-administered Covid-19 test kits allowing passengers to test themselves while abroad, prior to their return flight to Canada – meeting federal government testing requirements without the need to visit foreign Covid-19 testing clinics. We expect that most airlines will offer the same tests. Please note that should any kind of Covid testing be required, either before or during your tour, we will assist you through the process; however, because we don’t yet know if testing will be necessary, the cost of the testing (possibly between $70 and $170 each time) is not included in our tour prices.
  • The Canadian government is planning on introducing standardized proof of vaccination for domestic and international travel in the coming months. One clear system will help facilitate seamless and consistent travel and border openings around the world.

We continually monitor the news from the world’s leading health organizations in order to keep you safe, as well as help you plan your travel by keeping you informed of the changing environment and policies. Rest assured, while we’re excited to take you on unforgettable adventures, we’ll always ensure your health and safety are priority #1.

With our tours currently running again in Canada, we are committed to being the best-in-class for your health and safety are adhering to the government prescribed enhanced health protocols to ensure carefree travel. While our walk-in offices remain closed until further notice, our Tour Consultants are ready for your phone calls, happy to answer any questions you may have to ensure you’re 100% confident in booking and embarking on your upcoming journey. Call us at 1-800-268-3492.

As you return from your latest adventures, please feel free to share your travel photos with us on our website or social media using #SeniorDiscoveryTours, and be sure to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel! We appreciate your feedback! Please feel free to leave a Google Review and Facebook Review.  

I am a traveller at heart, and I can’t wait to pack up and head out on another adventure, discovering new sights, sounds, and flavours from around the world. So Let’s Get Excited About Travel Again and book a tour that will have us bound for the unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Just leave the details to us, and we’ll see you back, safe and sound. Thank you for your trust in us.


Danny Shay
President, Senior Discovery Tours