Budapest Spa Holiday

plus 3 nights in Northern Hungary’s Wine Country

Tour Highlights

This holiday offers the benefits of enjoying a world-class health spa, while discovering one of Europe’s most vibrant capital cities.
“The Pearl of the Danube”, Budapest, is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Known as “the City of Baths” it is also the world’s most exquisite spa resort, as it is home to 29 therapeutic baths fed by 123 mineral-rich thermal springs. From the time of the Romans the spas have been used ritually, and there are 7 original 16th-century Turkish spas still in operation today.

Our tour begins with 3 nights in the “Hungarian Alps”, also known as Hungary’s Wine Country, at the Saliris Resort Spa in Egerszalok. The spa here is known for its white calcium crystals that come from the nearby Salt Hills - an unusual natural phenomenon found in only 2 other places in the world - in Turkey and Yosemite Park.

Then we enjoy 11 nights in Budapest at the Danubius Health Spa Resort Hotel located on Margit Island on the banks of the Danube - a tranquil natural oasis surrounded by many walking trails, but also close to the city centre. The hotel provides a complete range of health services with a modern and comfortable treatment centre and a truly “state of the art” spa setting.  The hotel’s healing thermal waters derive from the natural springs deep within Margit Island, and contain calcium, sulphur, magnesium and potassium which provide a soothing effect, and also prove helpful for joint and muscle disorders, rheumatism, fractures and more. Be sure to experience the “Heviz Mud Pack” or the “Tokaj Wine Therapy” induced into facial and massage treatments! 

Your choice between 4 Medical and Wellness therapy packages, including initial doctor’s check-up and consultation prior to treatment. All packages use the holistic healing power of thermal waters to regenerate the body (muscle tension, joint pain etc)! 

  • 1. Traditional Balneo-Therapy Plus – (12 treatments)  

  • 2. Traditional Balneo-Therapy (6 treatments) plus Wellness a La Carte (4 treatments) = 10 treatments

  • 3. Energy Rejuvenate (8 treatments - recharging the body from lack of energy or stress)

  • 4. Detox Program – (12 treatments - a purification of the body temple ) 
(Details of treatment inclusions are available on request).

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