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Hiking in Newfoundland, Canada

This adventure features daily moderate hikes, and both cultural and culinary experiences at two UNESCO World Heritage Sites; the iconic Gros Morne National Park, and the Viking trail in St. Anthony. 
Along the way, we will discover 2000 ft. fjords, rare geological landscapes, roaming wildlife, and the history and heritage of the small coastal communities.

Our itinerary offers a blend of light and moderate hiking options, ranging from 5km to 11km with a maximum of 400m ascent, as well as a 1-12 guide ratio - the ultimate in small group experiences. Our accommodation will be in 2 locally owned properties. 
At the beginning and end of our tour we’ll stay at the Gros Morne Inn - a new superior 3-star property near Gros Morne National Park.  The inn offers spacious rooms, a restaurant serving delicious local cuisine, hot tub and saunas, and stunning views over Bonne Bay and Gros Morne Mountain.

In St. Anthony we’ll stay at the Hotel North St. Anthony.  This newly renovated 3-star property is located on St. Anthony Harbour, next to the town’s main shopping area.

Tour Highlights:

     • Comprehensive hiking program in and around Gros Morne National Park
     • Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse history and culture
     • Green Point geological site
     • Seaside Food Tour in Woody Point
     • Western Brook Pond boat tour
     • Best hikes in and around St. Anthony
     • L’Anse Aux Meadows National Historic Site
     • Iceberg and whale-watching boat tour
     • Port Aux Choix National Historic Site

* Those participating must be able to hike up to 11km with up to 400m ascent on rocky terrain. 

Itinerary / Excursions

We depart for Deer Lake, Newfoundland. Upon arrival we transfer to the Gros Morne Inn.
We begin at the park Discovery Centre for a tour and video showing the lay of the land and the geological story of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then we’ll walk the Tablelands Trail and see how two ancient continents came together over 500 million years! After a gourmet picnic lunch, we’ll walk through Trout River - a small fishing village snuggled in a sheltered cove. Then we’ll walk the Trout River Eastern Point Trail up to the top of a cliff that extends out towards the ocean, providing fabulous views of the ocean, town and scenic cliffs.
We walk to the base of Gros Morne Mountain on the newly re-designed trail, passing through the boreal forest along the raging river with many waterfalls along the way. The panoramic views of the mountains and the ocean are spectacular. This afternoon we discover Lobster Cove Head - an historic lighthouse with trails along the coast and through tuckamore forests. We finish at the Green Point geological site - formed almost 500 million years ago at the bottom of an ancient ocean, featuring fossils that make Green Point a world geological landmark. We will easily find fossils as we walk along the ocean floor. On our way back to our inn, we’ll take the water taxi across Bonne Bay.
We follow the Lookout Hill Trail to one of the park’s best panoramic vistas. After climbing through forest, we emerge onto a highland plateau which offers spectacular views of Bonne Bay, Gros Morne Mountain, the Tablelands, and the Lookout Hills. The more challenging Green Gardens hike showcases the contrasting landscapes of Gros Morne, from the open barrens of the Tablelands, through the boreal forest to the fertile volcanic sea coast. Later we’ll tour the artist’s hub of Woody Point with its local characters, including the world-class accordion player and folk-art creators of textiles, quilts and fine art. Included is a tasty and festive food tour in Woody Point.
We follow the Western Brook Pond Trail to Western Brook Pond, with its spectacular backdrop of the Long Range Mountains. We’ll enjoy a scenic boat tour on the Fjord, viewing the spectacular glacier-carved land-locked fjord, waterfalls cascading from 2000 feet, and frequent wildlife sightings. The magnificent scenery created by glacial action includes the coastal lowland, alpine plateaus, glacial valleys, sheer cliffs, waterfalls and many pristine lakes. After our cruise we’ll proceed to St. Anthony along the coastal road up the Viking Trail. Watch the waves crash against the cliffs as we pass through many small towns and fishing villages along the way. Dinner this evening is at a local restaurant.
We begin with a tour of L’Anse Aux Meadows National Historic Site, and walk the Birchy Nuddick trail. 1000 years ago Norse expeditions sailed from Greenland and built small encampments here of timber-and-sod buildings. We’ll discover the fascinating archaeological remains of the Viking encampment, with the stunning backdrop of rugged cliffs, bog and coastline - a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Later we’ll visit Dark Tickle Economuse - maker of local jams, teas, chocolate and more. This company’s products are made from hand-picked berries found on the local pristine barrens. We finish the day with a visit of Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve, and walk the easy trail featuring hundreds of protected plant species (about 30 of which are considered rare).
 We embark on an award-winning cruise offering Newfoundland’s best sightings of icebergs, humpback whales and dolphins. The vessel has traditional music and an onboard biologist. The sightings of fin, minke and orca whales are common, and we’ll view caves and colonies of guillemots, kittiwakes and arctic terns. Later we’ll hike the Fishing Point Park Trails and the Tea House American Base Trail - the most amazing walks in the area. The panoramic lookout at the top of the trail offers a mesmerizing view of the pristine Newfoundland coast, Atlantic Ocean and the town of St. Anthony. We’ll follow the Cartier View Trail and Whale Watchers Trail back to St. Anthony.
Our first stop is Port Aux Choix National Historic Site, where over 6000 years of human history is preserved - one of North America’s most fascinating archaeological finds amid a rugged coastline of unique limestone barrens, forests and bays. We’ll walk in the footsteps of the Palaeoeskimo people along the trail to their dwelling site at Phillip’s Garden. Keep an eye out for sculptures depicting ancient Aboriginal ways of life. Woodland caribou and sea birds live on this barren landscape and are common to experience up close. Later, we’ll visit Arches Provincial Park - a natural rock archway created by tidal action. Tonight we’ll enjoy a Farewell Dinner with live local music.
We fly home from Deer Lake.
Presently, we are taking bookings for Canadian tours only.  Read More

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