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Panama Canal Cruise (Full Transit)

aboard the Island Princess
As early as the days of Columbus, man was determined to find a shortcut between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
By creating artificial lakes and immense lift locks, the Americans performed one of the greatest engineering feats in history, completing the canal in 1914.  A canal crossing is memorable.  The scenery around this 8th wonder of the world is lush and tropical and the intricate workings of the locks and sheer immensity of the achievement are awe-inspiring.

We sail from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles aboard the Island Princess. Princess Cruises, whose ships are considered among the most beautiful and hospitable, was one of the first cruise lines to traverse the canal. Their ships are luxurious, floating resorts with all the pleasures of a deluxe resort hotel. 

Princess’ award winning shore excursions and fascinating onboard programs bring the culture and colours of this region to life. Talented chefs will take you on a culinary journey, with freshly prepared and carefully crafted dishes that celebrate this part of the world. 
Take in some of the finest cruise ship entertainment as the theatre lights up the top deck day or night with feature films, or watch a lavish Broadway production complete with dazzling stage sets and international performers in the state-of-the-art Princess theatres! 

* All shore excursions are optional, and may be purchased in advance on Princess Cruises’ website, or onboard the ship.

Itinerary / Excursions

We depart for Fort Lauderdale, and upon arrival we transfer to our cruise ship. This evening we enjoy our first delicious dinner on board.
Time to relax, get acquainted with the ship and your fellow passengers and enjoy the endless array of facilities, activities and entertainment on board. Visit the health club for a workout or beauty treatment, join an exercise class, line dancing or perhaps wine tasting.
In the 17th century this walled city was a target for every pirate on the high seas. It has many architectural treasures along its narrow streets with Spanish inspired facades and balconies. You may want to take a ride to the top of La Popa Hill for great views of the city, the old fort and a 17th century monastery. Gold, silver and precious stones are available
Today we experience the transit of the Panama Canal. See the immense lift locks raise and lower the passing vessels and great volumes of water rushing by. Enjoy the scenery on either side of the canal with mangrove swamps, tropical plants, trees and bird life. As we cruise through the canal there is a detailed narration of this colossal undertaking that cost $367 million in 1914!
Perched at the tip of a sandy peninsula (its name means “sandy point”), the entire city of Punta Arenas is within easy walking distance from the port. The people of this city have a reputation for friendliness and have long welcomed tourists to the sunny beaches that encircle the city.
Once a sleepy fishing village, San Juan del Sur is now the most popular travel and vacation destination on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast, offering a lively mix of local culture and wonderful natural attractions.
Made up of nine bays on the coast of Oaxaca, Huatulco is an unblemished tropical site for rest and relaxation. Tourists can engage in local customs and shop for beautiful native clothes in plazas such as La Nata, located on the main square.
Explore this quaint Mexican fishing village with its cobblestoned lanes, red-tiled roofs and palm covered hills. You may want to spend the afternoon at Bahia de las Banderas with its glistening blue waters and powdery beaches.
We disembark in Los Angeles and transfer to the airport for our flight home.
We're accepting bookings for all of our spectacular worldwide tours.
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