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Senior Discovery Tours has always welcomed the opportunity to offer clubs and associations an exclusive reward for their loyalty when their members travel with us. We offer a 4% commission that will be paid directly to the club/association AND there is no minimum number of bookings required to receive the commission. If you have any questions or would like to book a virtual presentation for your club/association, please contact us at [email protected] or call 1-800-268-3492

What is the Insider Club Benefits program?

Senior Discovery Tours Insider Club Benefits is a loyalty program designed specifically to reward clubs/associations for travelling with us. The program consists of a 4% commission paid to your club for all tour bookings made by your club/association members.

Below is an overview of our Club/Associations Program:

  • To qualify, clubs/associations must register with their local Senior Discovery Tours office and have a virtual presentation or future in-person presentation made to your club/association members.

  • A commission of 4% will be paid directly to the club/association. The commission is not paid to individual club/association members. There is no minimum number of bookings required to receive the commission

  • Commission requests must be submitted no later than December 31st of the same calendar year in which the travel was completed.

  • Commission requests must include the traveller’s names and the applicable tour destination and the date of travel

  • Travelling companions of club/association members do not qualify for the Rewards program.

  • Clubs/Associations may be required to provide a list of club/association members at the beginning of every calendar year

How do I enroll my Club/Organization with the Insider Club Benefits

Please call your local SDT office or 1-800-268-3492, and our customer service representative will be happy to help set this up for you.