What to Pack


Based on 40 years of experience our travel experts recommend the following.

The second you think of packing an item… PACK IT! If you wait, chances are you may forget.
Click on an item if you have packed it, then print out this page to have your own list.

  • Snacks

    Wherever you go always bring snacks.

  • Shirts/Blouses

    Bring a combination of 7 short and long sleeved shirts (or blouses in the case of women) and match them with your bottoms.

  • Pants

    2-3 pairs. We find that many of our clients like the lightweight convertible pants/shorts with zip off legs. Button-down wallet pockets are a safe bet (although still not as thief-proof as wearing a money belt).

  • Shorts

    If possible bring a pair with pockets. These can double as swimming trunks for men.

  • Undergarments & Socks

    Bring more than you need as they don’t take up much room. A blend of nylon/cotton socks dry faster than 100 percent cotton. Stuffing socks into your shoes can save space and ensure your shoes retain their shape.

  • Swimsuit

  • Pajamas

  • Shoes

    Never bring new shoes which haven’t been broken in. Shoes should be sturdy and have a good tread like a walking or running shoe. Depending on the climate of your destination you may wish to bring along a pair of sandals as well.

  • Slippers

    Comfy slippers are great for flights and keeping your feet warm in hotels.

  • Jacket

    A light-weight, water resistant jacket or windbreaker with a hood. This is a must if you are going to Canadian destinations, Britain, Ireland or Northern Europe.

  • Tie or scarf

    Can dress up any outfit and it doesn’t take much space in in your luggage.

  • Sarong or large scarf

    This is one of the most useful travel accessories which has many practical applications. It’s great for sun, wind and sand protection, it can double as a makeshift towel, an eye mask, and much more.

  • Money belt

    Worn strapped around your waist or neck hidden from sight, a money belt is essential for your passport and money. Even if your luggage is lost you can still continue with your trip when you wear a money belt.

  • Money

    Although cash is king you should bring a mix of credit cards, a debit card and some cash for emergency. Make sure you know the PIN numbers of your cards before you leave home.

  • Documents

    Bring your passport and whatever air tickets (e-ticket printout) you have been given. In the event your passport is stolen or lost you may wish to bring a photocopy of pages 2 and 3 of your passport as this will ensure a quick replacement or better still e-mail yourself a pdf copy.

  • Daypack

    A lightweight pack big enough for a sweater or jack, camera, books. Fanny packs are an alternative (but they should never be used as money belts).

  • Electronics

    Have become part of our everyday life and they can definitely enhance your trip. Digital camera, smartphones, iPod, iPad, etc. Remember to bring along the appropriate battery charger for each item and/or extra batteries (batteries may not be readily available in some destinations).

  • Water Bottle

    If you bring one from home make sure it is empty before going through airport security.

  • Watch

    A watch with a built in alarm is handy, otherwise pack a small travel alarm clock as wake up calls can be unreliable at some hotels.

  • Inflatable pillow and Eye Mask

    Great for snoozing in planes and buses.

  • Lock

    If you check your bag in on a flight the lock may be broken for inspection. A good investment is to buy a TSA lock (Transportation Security Administration, the agency responsible for airport security). Security agents are able to open these locks with a master key without damaging the lock.

  • Earplugs

    Not all hotel walls are constructed equally. If night noises bother your ear plugs may turn out to be your best friend.

  • Electrical outlet adapters

    For whichever part of the world you are visiting.

  • Toiletries

    It is best to bring a nylon toiletry bag that can hang on a towel bar. Put all of your liquid toiletries in squeeze bottles in a ziplock bag because cabin pressure on the aircraft can cause the bottles to leak. If you are bringing your toiletries in your carry-on bag, remember, all liquids and gels cannot be larger than 4 ounces and they must fit in a single, quart-sized sealable plastic baggie.

  • Tissue

    It is always a good idea to bring along a packet of travel size tissues.

  • Medications

    Keep all of your medications in their original containers, if possible, with legible prescriptions and pack them in your carry-on bag.

  • First Aid kit

    With the following; ibuprofen (or an OFC pain killer), decongestant, bandages, hydrocortisone cream.

  • Glasses

    If you only bring one pair of glasses you may wish to bring a photocopy of your prescription just in case.

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen

    Both are a must if travelling to warm, sunny climates.

  • Hat

    If you are fair skinned and prone to sunburn you may wish to bring a wide-brimmed hat for sunny days. In the winter, a knit hat will keep you warm.

  • Sewing kit

    With safety pins, an assortment of thread and buttons.

  • Umbrella

    A small collapsible one that is sturdy enough to withstand high winds.

  • Journal or notepad

    Many people like to journal their holidays as a keepsake of their memories. Chances are you may not remember your tour guide’s name or the city where you stayed. Write it down.

  • A good book or e-reader

    There is plenty of time spent at airports and a good book will help pass the time.

  • Small flashlight

    There are tiny but powerful LED flashlights that are extremely bright, compact and lightweight.

  • Dryer sheets

    Remove static from your hair and clothing and make your suitcase smell awesome while taking up virtually no room.